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That'd be a really long post for me... I'll make mine a general list. What I love about my lovelies...
1. the sense of humor-- no matter what situation, someone can always bust out a bad one-liner or an inside joke to lighten the mood or make anyone smile.
2. their progressively open attitudes; I could hardly have imagined we would have this relationship if I thought about it when we'd been in high school. Even two months ago, I wouldn't have thought it would be this way.
3. dreams. We all dream so many dreams together, we want to build what sounds like the most awesome life ever, and we seem to want all the same things.
4. the constant betterment of one another. Sometimes it's internal motivation, and sometimes it's just us challenging each other to change and explore new avenues of ourselves.
5. Our diversity in hobbies, yet everyone manages to have something in common with somebody else. My craft hobbies with Ariel and Selene, the guilty pleasure of trashy reality TV shows for Thunder, Selene, Ariel, and Andulvar, our communal love of zombies (or killing them), and the ever popular playing video games together.
6. Our bodies; Ariel's calves (they're very shapely), Vegeta's "porn-star" perfect hair, Company's chest (it's so smooth!).
7. Our variety in fetish. Vegeta can go way out on limbs I can't even imagine, let alone begin to see, while I'm busy being mostly vanilla. However, Thunder's vanilla in ways that jive with food and I can so get on that train.
8. We are very connected spiritually, even while our religious labels are different. We can all practice our beliefs with one another, usually all at once.
9. the DOG PILES! I like sleeping in a huge pile with everyone. It's really the only way we can sleep, at this point.
10. Everyone's enjoyment of reading together. We read one book at a time whenever we have a moment with everyone in one room, though that isn't as often as we'd like. I blame the real world.
"Love as thou wilt."

Company is my husband. I'm dating Selene, Ariel, Vegeta, Thunder, and Andulvar.

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