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Default Still Up in the Air

My male partner and I had our regularly scheduled quality time last night. Prior to me going over there, we texted a couple of times during the day and I asked if the plans for the night were still the same. He responded asking me why wouldn't they be. I responded telling him there Are reasons why they wouldn't be but, since I didn't hear back from him last night, I didn't know what the deal was so felt it best to double check.

I took myself to see a movie yesterday evening so, once I checked my phone, I saw I had received a text from him telling me he was tired so he didn't know if I still wanted to come over as usually but shorten the length of the visit or come over on Saturday so we could continue our discussion. I called and asked what he wanted me to do but, of course, he put it back on me. ... I went anyway and gave him a massage for about an hour. We didn't continue our discussion about our relationship and the changes but I'm okay with that. I know he is still thinking and I'm sure he has yet to talk to his wife in detail about it due to her work schedule during the first half of each week. It's pretty tight.

I must admit that I am missing the sexual intimacy. We haven't been together since 10/24 since I travel for work periodically and was in Milwaukee from 10/25 through 10/30. The night of 10/30 is when I went over so that all three of us can talk and that is when the relationship changed and, with it now being up in the air, I am protecting myself. I don't want to be with him just to be told a few days later that it's over or we are going to cease those interactions. It'll be much harder for me to deal with emotionally (it's still going to be hard anyway) if we are actively having sex now versus the almost two week period, and growing, of no sex we are nearing.

We have plenty of physical intimacy, though, so I am just savoring those moments for the time being.
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