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many ({})s. I describe your orientation (just for labels sake) as 'bi leaning straight' - same orientation as my own. I enjoy women and have had some women that I could see myself being with long term (but not one-on-one) but those have always fucked up severely, lessening the desire to actually try to build something serious with women on any level. Same situation I am in now actually.

I don't know...I'm somewhat concerned about B's 'all or nothing' approach. I mean, he can't give you all so he shouldn't hold you to that standard. If that is something you can and want to do, of your own volition, that's something differently entirely.

You stated in your post that you were 'totally in lust with J right now' so ... I think you are complicating your own situation. You are in 'lust' with upfront about that. You enjoy him, you two are good friends, and you fucked. Doesn't mean you don't care for him (you cared for him before this point) but it also doesn't mean that you have to start thinking of a life with him either. I think your biggest dilemma is deciding if you are going to continue the sex with J and, if so, how are you going to go about being honest about the situation and your desires with all of your partners?
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