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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
For me a "good" relationship is one where I feel that I can be myself and not have to hide. I love the feeling of "meshing" with someone's where I feel that I am an important part in their life (and they in mine). I love feeling like I can trust and be trusted.

I am far from an NRE addict - while I enjoy it, I like it just as much once the initial fumbling and exploring settles into really getting down to enjoying the other. I want to feel intensity - it should be exciting - whether after a month, a year, or ten years.

And I think I consider a relationship good when it meshes with my other relationships, whether significant others or friends.
Definitely this.
I don't care as much about NRE. I want that comfortable "hominess" that comes from knowing you are accepted completely MUCH more.

Originally Posted by Superjast View Post
Some people like the "proof" of all they feel .
Others find convictions in WHAT they feel.

For Me : Love is successful when we learn, feel empowered, feel enriched by the experience. No matter how long that person is in our life. Did that person help me become a better person ? Did I help them in all the same areas ?...If the answer is yes, Then I feel 'GOOD'.

What`s that saying about people coming into your life for a 'reason, or a season' ?.....I guess that sums me up pretty good.
This too. I don't need material objects. I much prefer to have the meaningful knowledge that the feeling is mutual.

Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
A good relationship is one that makes me a better me and makes the other person a better them. I think that it has to have some element of sustainability as well. It can still be a good relationship if the needs of the people involved change from romantic to friendship. Just because the definition of what the relationship is changes doesn't mean that it failed or wasn't a good romantic relationship.

All WONDEFUL answers.

I aim towards sustainability and long-term relationships. With a great deal of success actually.
But one of the keys is that I don't aim for any of my relationships to meet a specified dynamic criteria.
Such as "this is my boyfriend"-maybe for a time, maybe forever, maybe never. Whatever.

GG is my friend. He is also NOW my boyfriend. He may at some point not be my boyfriend anymore. But he will ALWAYS be my friend.

Once a friend always a friend. How much further intimate we get can ebb and flow-but once a friend, always a friend is pretty much how my life works out...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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