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No visit today. Maca is staying in town tonight. He works in town-so driving out here just to visit for a couple hours and then drive back is a nightmare.
Thus, I COMPLETELY understand him not driving out tonight.
Not to mention-the POINT of him being out is so he can work on some of his own emotional shit-he can't do that if he's here socializing during all of his free time.

None-the-less, I miss him.

It's quiet tonight.
GG is at work. Maca is in town in the motorhome.
I was home all day grading math (BLECH).
I left at 3:45 to go get tires changed on the van (to studded).
It's 5:25, I'm back here with nada to do.

There are lots of things I COULD do, but nothing I MUST do right now and I'm not really sure WHAT to do.
I'll probably just work on my crocheting project.

I'm trying to finish it before Christmas.

I had made Sweet Pea a baby blanket, twin bed size. It started unraveling this year (it's nearly 10 years old). So I took it all apart and am re-making it. I'm much better at crocheting than I was then (I was just learning then), so hopefully it will stay together better this time!!

After it's done, I gotta start one for the new grandbaby that's coming... in green....
Did I mention-it's a boy?
Sour Pea (my baby girl) says his name is "unky dunky".
Spicy Pea (soon to be mommy) says she doesn't think so.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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