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J and I talked last night...basically we decided we can't happen and to hit the brakes. I'm heartbroken...I realized how hard & fast I fell for him and that had I realized how much I felt for him earlier, we could probably make this happen. But Korea is part of the problem...he wouldn't be able to visit me there unless he came over for work. And we're both defeatists. What made me really sad is that had I realized what I felt back in September, maybe I wouldn't be with B&H now. How f'd is that? It doesn't really change how I feel about them...H posted a bunch of pictures on facebook yesterday and I was floored to see their faces...but realizing how sad I am about J does change it some and I really don't know what to do with that yet. I feel like I need J in some form, but not necessarily B&H. I'm an emotional trainwreck...and I need to get ready for work. Blah.
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