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First of all, thank you for replying to our first post here! I am sure that our situation is a common feature on this site...

Your assumptions are correct, we are looking for a "unincorn". We will definately spend a little more time searching for the threads labled as such. We have only used the internet to try and locate local "outlets" but have been unsuccesful. As far as the conversation that took place, it was about a polygamist TV show (completely different from what we are looking for). The women discussed the topic and were turned off by the thought of sharing their partner with other women. That was actually the biggest con in the discussion. Personally it sounded more about their own insecurity? I wonder how many were ACTUALLY intrigued but did not want to be frowned upon by the group? Either way, this is not a pool of women that could/would be considered; even the one that was curious. It's hard to find a dating site that specified the criteria from which we are coming and what we are trying to accomplish. We have quite a challenge in front of us. I hope all the time we spend is worth what we are looking for?

I believe I used the term "open" incorrectly but as we are new, we are trying to keep up with the vernacular without embarassing ourselves too much!

Thanks again for your time.
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