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For my way of thinking, it would be a drawback to base success on physical milestones.

Comparable to those that feel like their relationship isn`t 'real' or successful, unless they have a wedding ring on their finger......Or that the relationship is successful, once they buy a house, or live together, etc.

Some people like the "proof" of all they feel .
Others find convictions in WHAT they feel.

While I understand other peoples needs for tangibles, for me, it has not worked. Therefore I appreciate when people recognize, that there are various ways to love and love successfully.

For Me : Love is successful when we learn, feel empowered, feel enriched by the experience. No matter how long that person is in our life. Did that person help me become a better person ? Did I help them in all the same areas ?...If the answer is yes, Then I feel 'GOOD'.

What`s that saying about people coming into your life for a 'reason, or a season' ?.....I guess that sums me up pretty good.
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