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My story is pretty simple right now LOL.
I am 31, have been married for 8 years, and live in South Africa.

We have had 'different' (we were both raised ultra-vanilla) ideas on love and sex to most in our circle right from the start. We started swinging right after getting married, and at the time discussed how we felt about multiple love interests as well. So, in essence we have had an "open" marriage right from the start.

I identify as Bi, hubby is "sexually Bi". He can engage sexually, but does not feel emotional attraction on a Bi level.

Over the years we have each been involved with others on and off as people pass through our lives. I ended my last relationship some time ago after more than 2 years together, and have since not met anyone else. So at this point, it's just the two of us. Ultimately we would love to bring another girl into our lives, the illusive Unicorn, but we are also very open to any other person who may grab our interest

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