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When I lived on the road, traveling from state to state. I met a girl in Mobile, Alabama we worked together at a club and she was new like I was. None of the other girls treated her fairly and she reached out to me for kindness and support. I took her under my wing and spent some time teaching and sharing with her. But then one day it came time for me to leave, and she said, "Will I ever see you again?" and I said, "No."

We can't take them with us when we go. What means the most to me in a relationship is the depth of the connections, memories created and the love that was shared. The truth is that when I met her, she seemed too awkward, homely and sometimes just plain obnoxious for my liking. It was only when I opened up to sharing with her that I found a deep inner beauty that I had not seen before. She was actually fluent in two languages, intelligent and refined. I realized before I met her that I would be leaving soon, so I could have chose not to become her friend. But what surprised me the most was that I wasn't scared of losing this new friendship when it was time to move on.

I think this reflects a good relationship, because I allowed her to be who she was outside of my own prejudice, I willingly gave to her and she gave back, and I didn't try to keep her.

Now if I could only figure out how to apply that to more of my relationships...
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