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Thanks for the welcome guys! This forum is great, I really feel at home here. Just the few threads I've been able to get through have made me laugh and cry. I feel really close to a lot of people on here, even though I have no idea who you guys are!

I love the reference to the elusive UNICORN, my hubby and I totally fit the profile of newbie poly/unicorn hunters. Out on the web I really got a good dose of just how many hunters there are, post after post after post on Craigslist personals and other sites. And I thought to myself, how can so many people be open to the idea of a third? I have so much to learn about poly.

Poly seems like it can be such a difficult and intense journey, I love that there are so many loving souls out there willing to share their joys and follies with me. I am forever thankful for the knowledge it will bring. Ever since I met my husband I've felt a pieces of me start to slowly simmer down and die away. And from these post I am starting to see that I am not the only one to suffers under the strict rule of monogamy. It makes me just want to dive right in and start blabbing on and on about myself, like talking to a close friend.

but I won't start blabbing yet...
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