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I would suggest you have a good look around here and do some searches for what might interest you. There are some great stickies for you to search in and doing a tag search will yield relevant threads.

I would suggest going on line to dating sites and see who you can find. There are some that seem to work better than others, such as OKcupid, depending on where you are... others could say more about that than me... also see if you can find a local poly group. You might find some info on the dating sites.

I am assuming you are looking for a "unicorn," a single bi-female otherwise unattached and willing to attach to you and your partner. Is this the case? If so there are definitely tagged threads on such a woman....

It sounds like your friends are interested. Anyone willing and interesting there? Be warned though, "open" is not the same as poly... did you talk about the difference? or was the conversation about just simply having un-attached sex with others?
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