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...and many many more hugs ({})

You know, weddings don't Have to deplete your nest egg but I understand many people have a particular image of the wedding they want for themselves and what will make them happy so that is cool. I, for one, do want to have a commitment ceremony with someone or a few people one day (not looking like that's close to fruition in any way though). I want it to be simple with me, them, someone to unite us, and our two witnesses (which will be a friend-girl of mine and her husband who will also serve as the photography (friend-girl) since she does it on the side) on an island at the water somewhere. I'm thinking probably Jamaica since my adoptive father is from there and it won't cost a lot to get us there with his connections. I will pay for the round-trip flights for all parties but my friend-girl and her husband will have to take care of their room, meal, entertainment expenses. The attire will be inexpensive- most likely crepe, georgette, or batiste fabric- perfect for light, flowy items and rolling around in the sand having sex. Lastly, our rings will consist of the Egyptian Infinity symbol being tattooed around our finger of choice. *clapping with excitement just thinking about it*

Enjoy your run. *hugs*
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