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@GS- lol. You are funny. Just FYI- I have yet to fart, I don't wear make-up in general, and I don't wear perfume, though, I do wear essential oils but not around them since they have allergies and sensitive skin issues. I do understand your point though.

You are right, it could be anything but I can only go off of what she said the issue was and what she said, verbatim, was "I am Less physically attracted to you than you are to me" to be followed by her desire to cease sexual interaction. Now, we are both thicker women (size 16-20) and I have done nothing but drop weight and inches since we've been seeing each other, though, I've been working on this for self, and I'm kind of OCD about hygiene in general so I'm up to par in that area so ... I don't get it but, you know, figuring out what her real deal is doesn't really matter to me anymore. Ultimately, it's for her to figure out. I've been reassigned. I will sift through my emotions about it and come out on top...whatever the outcome.
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