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Originally Posted by eklctc View Post
........... Maybe she did take the 'go with the flow' approach so I wouldn't fault her for that. However, where does her verbal and physical expressions of emotional connection, interests in my sexual satisfaction, and attraction fall into that 'go with the flow' approach? Where does the line cease at giving an honest effort hoping your original perspective can broaden along the way and turn into leading someone on by intentionally acting in a way that doesn't support that perspective?
Yea Ekl, seems you and I are cut much from the same cloth. I've always tried to just be 'real' in all circumstances possible too - and have paid the penalty on more than one occasion

The reason I mention this is that I think it makes it harder (less tolerable) when we find ourselves dealing with someone with a different outlook/approach.

Was she lying to herself - expressing what she hoped for and thought it would appear via verbalizing it (before she tested it for validity) ?

Was she saying what she thought you others wanted to hear ? Again in hopes it might take that direction ?

Or....was it genuine in the beginning - and something changed. It IS possible. Maybe some quirk she discovered about you that wasn't apparent in the beginning ? Did you fart at a bad moment ?

Who knows........

Humans ARE such funny creatures. Maybe if you ask nicely you can find the truth. And maybe...........never.

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