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Originally Posted by RazeGeneration View Post
I think I have developed a sex phobia due to past relationships that turned sour after sex, sometimes my fault, sometimes their fault.

I do not trust love. Many men will say anything for sex. i need a guy who's truly attracted to me, not just what I can do to him.
Good to see you back, RG.

It seems to me that a lot of men confuse their craving for emotional (etc.) intimacy and loving with sexual desire, such that it all registers as sexual desire. I think this has to do with the general socialization / conditioning guys get in our culture (and most cultures). Most of us never learned to feel safe and comfortable in expressing tenderness--or receiving such expression from other guys.

Like me, you want something more well-rounded. And I think that's a good thing -- and a sign of emotional health.

I think we can have this with or without sex involved. And sex is much, much better when the relationship is more well-rounded.

Sex can be the icing on the cake, but should never be confused for the whole cake!
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