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Default Oh - and also.....


One other thing I picked up in both of your post so far was concern for your feeling 'incomplete'. I think this is a common and sometime fatal mistake in relationship early in life.
The concept of looking to someone else to give us 'completion' is a road to hell on olive oil !
'Completion' has to come from ourselves. Once we have that, or at least a large part of it, someone else can be a wonderful enhancement. But looking for completion from someone else is looking in the wrong direction.

This sounds like it may be an issue for you both. Life is complex, especially in the early years. So many options & choices.

It's quite possible to have a PARTNER alongside you in your search. But that's to support and lend a critical ear/eye. But expecting that partner to BE the solution is.............just dangerous.

Love, infatuation, sex etc are only a small piece of the puzzle, and in reality can often become a distraction. Maybe I'd suggest you ask yourself what would make you happy/complete if you were the only person left on earth ? Start from there.

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