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I'm Redpepper, from Canada.... won't say where on the off chance that those who are looking through here might not have already guessed who I am.

I am short, have red hair and am smiley, happy, love laughing and talking. I am blessed to be well liked and loved by many, which surprises me as I make no apologize for my opinion and life style choices. Perhaps I am delusional Or maybe it is because to be loved by me is to be loved entirely and without limits... once I am your friend I am for life.

I work with people with Developmental/cognative disabilities, am a trained art therapist, an artist, a singer, a swimmer, a runner and love to dance.... I haven't done much of the things I love since I met Mono and Derby as we have been spending vast amounts of time sorting ourselves out.

I love to drive and am slowly working towards becoming a chauffeur. I won't be able to until my boy is older as it requires shift work. I will work towards getting a motor bike license too so I can acquire another way to drive.... Mono rides, but won't take me.... doesn't matter as I would ride anyway eventually.

I am the Life Love (Lilo) of MonoVCPG and a wife to another man also who doesn't write on here. I consider Mono to be my other primary. I also have a girlfriend, Derbyliscious, who has a husband (also poly) and kids. I have another intimate friend who I don't see often due to his circumstance. We have known each other for years. My husband and I both share him. There is also other friends who I am close to but not sexual with. I consider them to be loves of mine.

I have a six year old son, parents that live five houses down who used to have no idea what goes on in this house, but do now after a troublesome "coming out" and in-laws that live a few blocks away... "coming out" to them went over much easier.

Mono doesn't live with us just yet we are taking small steps to that inevitability. It is hard in our city to find housing as housing prices are crazy, so we hope to move him into our house when the time is right.

My husband identifies as bi, me as pansexual and Mono as straight and Derby as bi. Mono is in fact mono and my husband and I have been poly for 12 years...

To date... this being June 2010 I have been on this forum for over a year.
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