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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I don't trust in peoples ability to respect personal boundaries in these environments. I have no fear of people bothering me, I'm blunt and to the point. I worry about people pestering or taking leisure to grope, make offensive comments or otherwise solicit or harass those I care about. I've got a thing for the damsel in distress situation and seeing some one unwanted coming on to Redpepper or Derby would get a serious reaction from me. I know both can handle themselves and most guys wouldn't cross boundaries once warned off but it would be hard for me to not say anything.
Hey Mono
I've never been to a sex party/swingers event (might do it, to check it out) and I don't know how or if the people are different.
But, what you describe above, doesn't sound that different from going to a club. It doesn't happen every time and it depends on the club, so, like Ari said, it's the people that could be the problem. Most of the time I can handle myself and most people back away when I'm not interested and quite often, someone does need rescuing.
My friend used to work as a bartender at a swingers event and she told me that there she observed some of the most honest, straightforward and respectful people who didn't play drama games and took no as a no.

I judge and I get first-impressions of people that can be entirely wrong. I acknowledge it and I try not to have it stand in a way of getting to know them. I even got a reminder tattooed on my arm for that, I'm a dork. :P
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