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I have only ever sought counseling for my poly V relationship. Mostly because my bf(the hinge) was absolutely at wits end trying to balance his spouse and me. Counseling helped for a bit. I don't think the counselor was biased against poly. She seemed very open. But I thought it would have been more helpful if we did more group work rather than individual because most of the problems were about conflict resolution and you just cannot do that on an individual basis. Of course I think there were some privacy issues when one or the other was feeling hostility or anger and she just (the counselor) kind of had her hands tied on some issues. So I am sure the counselors are out there. I know for me individually it was a great help- I had some trust issues and to a point some anger issues and some personal problems that I was able to exorcise. I was actually really sad (and a little annoyed) when we had to stop counselling as a group. But it is only as good as what people put into it. You have to have a goal and consistently and aggressively work towards it. The counsellor is a facilitator of communication but you and your SOs need to put in the work. The counselling is out there (minister, psych, therapist) it is just a style thing...and of course ask right away if there is a bias. You are there for help not condemnation. Be healthy. Keep posting if need be.
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