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Originally Posted by RazeGeneration View Post
also, I said that I may be interested in a nonsexual relationship for now...
I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I'm enjoying the sexual tension that exists between my guy's female persona and myself - which seems to keep going higher and higher... LOL. There are ways to relieve the frustration between times and companionship, love and affection are extremely satisfying emotionally and mentally.

I have to say, my relationship with both my guys is more satisfying that any relationship I have had with a sexual component. Our relationship is built on love, trust and honesty. If sex comes into it (or some form of mutual sexual satisfaction) it will have it's basis in those things. With the emotional connection in place, "I want to make you feel good because I love you" is a huge chunk of the decision to cross into that area. It has nothing to do with orientation or an animalistic attraction, it's an extension of your caring for that person.

My guys female persona sees that I am extremely attracted to her and that is a way he feels free to express his acceptance of my sexual needs. He knows what I like and he strives to give me the feeling that he desires me when he is in female form. He will often describe me as his "lesbian lover" when he is dressed as a female. In our normal day to day lives, I lack a title to express what I mean to my guys, so it's important to all of us that we have words to convey the deeper meaning of our relationship, if only within the gay community.

Looks like we have come back around to that, "non-sexual passionate love" topic again. :-)
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