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Let's see here...

Redpepper: If we were to go with a Wiccan theme I would go with whatever Pan is. He gets around that little devil
That would be a Fawn. Although a Fawn typically lives for the moment and the pleasures to be found.

And before you ask a satyr is similar but his horns are typically longer and curled and he has the body of an ape I believe.

JRiverMartin: There's no damn such thing as a bicorn!
Oh dear, you are wrong!
"Bicorn: A mythical beast, fabled by the early French romancers to grow very fat through living on good and enduring husbands. "
Only problem is that a bicorn is a "plump female monster, resembling a well-fed panther with a human face and a broad grin"
Unfortunately I cannot find a good picture of one. :P

I'm gonna have to stick with Centaur.
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