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Oh I was such a bitch when I was pregnant. I can't imagine having to deal with relationship dynamics at the same time... hahaha! you might be in for one hell of a ride.

I think it's time to get girlfriend in on this and strategies about what it will all mean to each of you. I think having a weekly, monthly, whatever time to talk and each have a time to talk about what is going on for you might be an idea... make it a habit so that when baby comes its already fully established.

Women who are pregnant get OBSESSED with themselves and their baby. It's natural and a good thing, but hard for others to understand and gets tiring... understanding this now might save you later...

When the baby comes its a whole new ball game... lack of sleep, demand demand demand... hopefully your wife has a cheery disposition naturally, I didn't, I sucked and dragged everyone down.

Needless to say, everything will change, but eventually it will all die down in a number of years and you can see where you are at. Hold on tight my friend, you are in for a ride!
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