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GS, thanks for being so objective. The part I don't like about my snap judgement in this area is that I am sure to turn my back on some people that have lots of aspects I would appreciate. I have existing friends in real life and on here who engage in sport sex. I wouldn't turn away from them that easily and what they do and is healthy for them doesn't bother me. There is no reason that this should be such a big issue for me. I'm sure it has more to do with Redpepper than anything else. I am a very protective person. The best way to get a reaction from me is to hurt or threaten my friends. I don't trust in peoples ability to respect personal boundaries in these environments. I have no fear of people bothering me, I'm blunt and to the point. I worry about people pestering or taking leisure to grope, make offensive comments or otherwise solicit or harass those I care about. I've got a thing for the damsel in distress situation and seeing some one unwanted coming on to Redpepper or Derby would get a serious reaction from me. I know both can handle themselves and most guys wouldn't cross boundaries once warned off but it would be hard for me to not say anything.

Add this to the fact I don't want to see people I hang out with naked, aroused or doing it and sometimes I wonder just how prudish I seem. Yet I will gladly go to a public BDSM event and take great pleasure and pride in Redpepper flogging my naked ass....hmm in those instances I have seen friends naked and it doesn't bother me. I don't pay any attention to it. Maybe that's because I don't find it particularly sexual?

My self learning continues

Thanks for the comments Sneacail and LR..both valid and helpful

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