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I appreciate all of the advice that you guys have given. And largely, that's what I try to do most days. It's also really the plan. I tried to make sure she felt good and thoroughly loved this evening, which is all I can hope for in a day. I'll continue to do that.

I suppose that I was looking for magical words or perhaps some gap in logic that I was missing. But largely it seems to be a matter of making sure that I prioritize her, which was always the plan.

No, she hasn't said that she wants me to break it off. But she did make an off-hand remark the other week about how it'd be easier. It did concern me.

They are reluctant friends I'd say. One day, my wife and her are great friends and get along. Other days it's like snake and mongoose.

And finally, heheh, thanks.. those are some good ones. I'll have to remember them.
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