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Originally Posted by FrozenCouple View Post
I can say from personal experience though, once someone begins making demands in a relationship it's a slippery slope.
I agree, but it is difficult because I feel I am in a sense "making demands" on him in that I have asked him to do a variety of things for me, including quitting drinking. I guess he now feels that I should also be willing to give something up for the sake of the relationship, but I struggle with that because like the next post says it feels disloyal to my boyfriend. Also I feel that when we entered a poly relationship I was very clear about the fact that it wasn't something you could really go back on and I know that I am going to be very resentful/hurt if I end it.

I guess it is just a really difficult decision to be asked to make because I feel like I am being asked to weigh my love for these two people and it isn't something I feel capable of comparing.
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