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GG almost lost his virginity in a 3some with me and my at that time gf. I think it would have been awesome. He was afraid to join in-so it didn't happen. But all of these years later (15?16?) I still think it would have been amazing and a wonderful memory to behold.

That said-I'd be hardpressed to start there with just anyone. The three of us were best friends already.

It ended up that he lost his virginity only to me, and here we are a couple and still best friends.
If it had been the three of us-I daresay-we'd be a triad and best friends.

OF COURSE there are the "why did you and she break up".
The primary reason was that she was going away to college and I am a sex fiend.
Had we been a triad-I would have still been getting some. I frankly-honestly think that if it had been a triad-we'd have stayed together.
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