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Originally Posted by Athena View Post
My weird thing is that I can only get creativity going with a pen and paper, somehow the computer just doesn't work well!
I absolutely 'get' this, I think that using pen and paper perhaps feels like a more organic, honest extension of oneself. I was privileged to be accepted into a post-graduate writing course many years ago. Given the facts that all writings had to be submitted in type-print format and that deadlines were tight, I had to force myself to use the direct keyboard method. Many of my submissions got negative criticism and demands to rewrite and improve. I then started copying and re-working my keyboarded writings in physical pen-and-paper, and my works' flaws in rhythm, language and perspective became immediately apparent to me. No redrafts were ever requested after that.

I know I have very many quirks. I am often reminded of this, but more often I instantly forget.
The one quirk I remember right now (only because it was mentioned today) is my hand-'thingy'. I constantly use lotions and balms on my hands. I have an extensive variety of hand creams lining my desk and my bedside table. It seems that whenever I feel a bit pressured I moisturise my hands, but within minutes I feel frustrated by the 'coating' on my hands and wash it off, only to re-apply some lotion-potion to my hands because even the gentlest hand soap makes my hands feel dry and taut.
"Confusing monogamy with morality has done more to destroy the conscience of the human race than any other error." George Bernard Shaw
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