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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Hey Seeking,

From a guys perspective I might share something about him and his reaction that might be overlooked - or difficult to verbalize.
This new person, happiness level etc, that you sense in him may not be as connected to HER presence as you are assuming. Check with him on this. For myself, and many others I know, it's really more about a sudden insight into love & relationships itself. It's really a philosophical thing for those inclined that way. It's like there was this dream in the back of your mind about how life COULD operate that everyone always told you was impossible, only to find out you were lied to !
It's hard to's a liberating type of confirmation maybe about what our spirit has always been telling us that society has been trying to refute.
Does that make any sense ????
It's very possibly not about her in particular at all ! It's the concept. Not to diminish her particular place/role, but neither is she the sole majik component.

Hope that helps ?

Actually this does make sense, at least to me. He's suddenly found ANOTHER comfortable pair of jeans & doesn't know which one to wear today.

Nearly a year ago Breathes & I were considering a particular person as a third for us. Things didn't work out for various reasons but while we were considering everything between the two of us was suddenly more passionate, more heady, more.....better? There was more sex, more talking, more everything. He had found someone else he was equally comfortable with so was able to let his guard down even further.

Just take things slowly, continue talking & having fun.
There are as many ways to do polyamory as there are people practicing it!
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