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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post

Is this question even really worth my concern? What are the implications of simply accepting that I am not completely accepting?
Hey Mon,

Yea - you are probably right in questioning the worth. I think there are a variety of people - and lifestyles - that we aren't comfortable with. Is it a 'judgement' of sorts - I suppose so. But we are entitled to judge what we want to invade our personal space/energy - and what we don't.

We don't click with everyone and that's ok. It's not the same as holding some animosity towards them. If the need was there I suspect we wouldn't hesitate to step forward to help. But to 'hang out', to really establish some bond..........naw. No thanks. No disrespect intended - but no thanks.

I find myself in that place on a variety of subjects. Religion is a biggie. I'm constantly checking myself to avoid judgement and view a person and interaction based on what's before me at the moment and ignore what I know is an important part of a person in that regard. It's only when their 'beliefs' start to show obvious signs of affecting their judgement (and actions) that affect me that I have to stand firm - and often walk away.

I'm somewhat in that camp regarding BDSM also. Especially the SM part. It's just not in my nature and carried too far can discolor my views of a person. I know better. I understand what the attraction/need is. I respect it for those who need it. But I don't want it in my private energy space to any real degree.

Your views on sexuality are probably similar. "Unattached" sex just doesn't click with you. And being in an environment where there's an excess of it is only going cause emotional conflict. So you keep your distance, respect others needs as their own, and live your own life happily.

No harm done.

And like you say, probably not worth a lot of analyzing.
It's only when we become loud and aggressive in trying to condemn others where no harm is occurring and push our own beliefs on others that I think we need to get red flagged and have a time out to look at our own behavior. didn't go. Seems a win/win from your decision.

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