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Default Redsirenn in da house!

You can call me RS, Redsirenn... I am not "out" to many, so my name is kept anonymous... It is an unusual name, so wouldn't be too hard to figure me out.

I am 28, female, live in the great state of CA, and am a musician, artist, and scientist.

I am in a relationship with "Ouroboros". We have been dating for about 10 months now. He introduced me to the concept of polyamory, and I agree with it in theory. We are working on strengthening our relationship with the hope of "opening it up" in the future - in as healthy a way as we can. Neither of us has ever attempted this before, so we are taking it slow, although we both have interests that live out of state. They are aware of our dating.

I have been divorced once... it influences much of my love life to this day. Although, I like to believe in a positive and maturing way. I have much to learn, and much knowledge to divulge due to the severe breakdown of a once loving relationship.... let me reinforce that I have much to learn.

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