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@Derbylicious: Its not that big really >_>...theirs might be bigger because they have a bigger place.

Thank you everyone for the advice.

I spoke about this issue with Ariel and Marius yesterday. Ariel was very understanding and did explain to me that many of their activities were spontaneous and nothing really special. Marius was a little upset with me, because I was more angry that Andulvar was feeling upset. She cautioned me to defend my own feelings instead of his and just to let him speak for himself. I felt much better after speaking with both of them and most of this outburst stuff, I attribute to NRE, as it took me a while to be comfortable even in my relationship with Andulvar alone.

We spent Halloween together last night, which was very fun and comforting. By that time, news had gotten to everyone that Andulvar and I were distraught and they all did much to make us feel welcome. Andulvar even told me when we were going to House A last night that he was feeling closer to Marius and that she had done exactly what he had wanted from her (small physical contact things). It made me smile.
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