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Question New Love and Possessiveness

Hello all.....

Since I last posted to "Second Start" things were not looking so good for our triad. We have gotten past a lot with counseling and good communication thus far. We have a new issue that I'm seeking some guidance on.

My Wife has fallen in love with our girlfriend Nikki....Great right? You would think so......but

What has happened is my wife originally had issues with being possessive over she is possessive over Nikki and Me. Meaning that she wants all Nikki affection not so much of mine because she is in the new love state of mind so her thoughts are consumed with Nikki. Which doesn't bother me. What does is how she gets really upset when Nikki and I have affection with one another because she feels like that affection could have been given to her. Not only is this become an issue but because she has fallen for Nikki and her mind has been filled with Nikki she feels guilty because her thoughts are no longer consumed with me but with Nikki. I have reassured her that I'm not threatened or upset that I'm not the only one in her head or for the moment not in there at all but that is the point to in a poly relationship which is why I'm ok with it ...but she still fills guilty.

Any thoughts?
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