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Thanx everyone.

Things are on their way to working themselves out.

I've let it be known that I wish to change my attitude which is always a huge step towards getting it done because someone else can then tell me I need an attitude check & explain what I was doing/saying that requires it.

Apparently she said something to our friend on Saturday night that has really gotten him upset. She said something about my being cold towards her. We talked about it a little bit last night & I freely admitted that I was, hoping it would open up more dialogue to clear the air. It didn't so I'll let it ride for now since he's obviously not quite ready to get into the specifics of it yet. I'll touch base with him on it again in the near future & I'll journal it where he'll see it (he's not a member here) so he'll know, without a doubt, that I'm open to discussing it.

Time to get ready for work
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