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Default money issues?

especially for the men in relationships with 2 women, how do you deal with buying things for both? Do you occasionally or never is it everyone for themselves? When you all pitch in who pays for what? how do you make it work?

Im having a problem with my bf currently, i still havnt spoken to him about it because its not something i want to bring up so early in the relationship and also i dont want him to get the wrong idea.

Before i go on I want to make it clear Im not asking for him to buy me thing or pay for me when we go out, i dont need gifts to feel cared for and im perfectly fine paying for my own things. My bf has a wife, dogs, owns his home and of course has bills blah blah i understand he has responsibilities and that right now money is tight at home. So I often offer to pay for him when we are out especially for example if I asked to go to the movies/out to dinner/disneyland so he goes just because i want to go but i know he cant spend too much so i offer to pay usually he pays some of it so we are just splitting costs.

Here is my problem, last several times we have gone out hes been expecting me to pay, and has actually used the "i forgot my wallet" "trick" twice. Once he wanted to take me out to eat and actually pay for it himself so he asked me to pick somewhere not to pricey so i did we get there and have to pay and he doesnt have money, so wtf if i was going to pay i wouldve picked a differant place and that annoyed me. Like i said before i dont mind paying for him occasionally or if I always have to pay for myself because i know money is tight. I'm starting to feel a little like if hes using me, most of me knows he isnt but still it makes me a bit uncomfortable and wish he would just talk to me about it.........but i guess it goes both ways and i prob could bring it up.

am i being petty?

March 26, 2009

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