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Thats the same thing Virginia said, and I did that, but I had to give it to her as a message as its been hard to get to see her lately. I told her that I would be here if she come around, but I won't talk to her about him. My reasoning was that if she was venting to me, and justifying her circumstances in converstaion with me, I was sort of a sounding board for those excuses. So I wouldnt listen anymore, and she'd have to sit there alone with the truth. A girl that works for me was in an abusive relationship once, and she said it took a year before she just suddenly realized it for herself. People had talked to her but she never got it until it just, randomly, clicked for her. I guess that's what I have to stand back and let happen for my girl, but in the mean time I'm torn up about it. It's so hard.

But Virginia gave me some Winnie the Pooh figurines and some excellent um...cheering up...and a good regiment of that should help me feel better at least
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