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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
This x100.
Me too. I seem to notice a LOT of cases where the "legs" of the V have problems "with" each other (or one has a problem with the other), but it's REALLY a problem with the "hinge". My judgmental, marginalizing, non-inclusive, humble opinion ("JMNIHO" from now on for short - gotta add this to the "abbreviations" glossary, note-to-self) is that the "hinge" thinks he or she will be pegged as "the bad guy" for stepping up and saying what's what, so they often take a "hands-off", let-the-situation-work-itself-out approach, which is one way to TRY going about it, but if it doesn't work, a more pro-active solution may be called for.

That's my sugar-coated, corporate-buzz-word-laced way of saying "sometimes people are selfish and lazy and don't want to put forth the effort, but would rather sit back and let everyone else do all the hard work until dinner is ready. Then they'll tell you what they don't like about the food."

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