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@Neon- lol...thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I've never experienced a relationship strain during my successful pregnancies or after the addition so, no, I can't relate to that or say I know what you're talking about. Then again, I've never been a codependent type and I've always had the mindset that, regardless, of what happens and whose involved I have to always remember my sense of responsibility for self, my children, etc so my relationships during pregnancy/child-rearing were pretty free of stresses. I did endure a lot of stress during one due to outside interference that resulted in losing a child at 7 months pregnant but that is not related to the topic at hand really.

Then to, I don't have little children anymore so maybe I've missed out on this new dynamic of complications in thse life changes that I take to be naturally flowing and no big deal. My kids are 17 and 11. Stepchildren that I still deal with are 22, 19, and 14.

Who knows. I may be content being the side piece of 'on-call' ass when they successfully bring in a new edition. I never know where the Universe will take me.
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