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I HATE Dr. Phil....My wife....LOVES him. I have noticed that she does argue JUST LIKE HIM at times, and often thinks very much like him. She disagrees with his view on poly though.

I think what I dislike about him, is the thought that he portrays, that if you don't agree with him, you are "wrong" and need to seek help, because you are mentally/moraly "messed up".

His goal with this specific show, was to try to discredit those with open marriages or poly relationships....And to try to impose his views on millions of viewers. But isn't that what EVERY talk show host does? It brings in the $$$ by being controversial.

I think Dr. Phil is arrogant, and pompus...but he does make a good point from time to time. And for every time he makes a good point in MY eyes, someone else is thinking he is arrogant and pompus and out of line. Soooo....Much like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"....Well, this show is similar.
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