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@GS- At this point, I can't help but take it personally that she is not physically attracted to me (even though, what she said was, she wasn't as physically attracted to me as I was to her-whatever the fuck that means). I take it personally because he/she/both, I feel, have lead me on. She has been sexual with me, solo, knowing she really didn't want to. She has participated with us together knowing she really didn't want to have sex with me. She has consistently made comments to support her attraction to me knowing it was not the truth.

Another thing that has gotten under my skin is...what has she based her statement me being more physically attracted to her on? What has been her measure in coming to that conclusion because, whatever the case, she would be wrong. Solely based on physical attraction, she would not be my pick. However, I view people from the inside out. She has many traits that I admire and she and I have many of the same characteristics. The beauty I find within her fuels the attraction without. Plus, when I got to the point to where I allowed myself to be completely emotionally open to them, my inward attraction increased more adding to my outward attraction.

Her statement, for me, also implies that she doesn't have and never opened herself up to connecting with me emotionally, though, that is not what her mouth said in the relationship. I mean, maybe I just operate differently, but I can be attracted to someone for various reasons. When it comes to someone I am looking for something more with, their physical attractiveness doesn't play a big role in my decision because that is an attribute that can change if one only has the desire to do so. I have to be attracted to someone facially but, on a deeper level, the lack of total physical attraction would not deter me if there are other aspects of the person I am attracted to.

And...this is kind of shallow...but we have met up over the last two weekends with a couple that they have been swinging with, sporadically, for 5-6 years now. I don't mean to judge but it raises a point for me...the woman of the couple is a pretty woman but not physically appealing yet my female partner doesn't have an issue with having sex with her. My male partner voiced that he was not physically attracted to the woman but she had other attributes that he like, thereby, allowing him to interact with her sexually. That point just makes me wonder if my female partner has been completely forthcoming about her stance.

During our discussion, my female partner did say that she didn't know what to tell me. She didn't know if I should look for something that would fulfill my needs better or if the male partner and I should continue without her. My male partner expressed that he loves me and he doesn't want it to end but he knows I do not desire a secondary role nor a far-spread 'V' poly relationship. Then we kind of reflected on the things we wanted in the future like my moving into the house in 2012 or this all-inclusive emotionally bond we wanted, etc. My male partner and I also ponder, with the change, what would the future look like... because I can not totally invest myself emotionally in him when I know he cannot provide the same level of emotional interaction; since we are not all together, how long will the female partner be okay with our in-depth, individual relationship at the current level and building or, if she finds other people more to her liking to introduce into the relationship, will she want our relationship to end so that they can have the all-inclusive relationship under one roof...

Another issue that I have to deal with internally is my detachment. I am very good at completely shutting off my emotional/physical interaction with people when I have decided I have reached my threshold in that situation and, also, when I feel they have hurt/betrayed me. As I told my partners last night, with the revelation, the detachment from my female partner had already began. I allowed myself to open up and become vulnerable to her and she intentionally hid an important aspect of our relationship from me. That hurts and it's hard for me to take that lightly. Now, it makes me question what else has been kept from me and what, that has been shared, is genuine. So, that equals hurt and doubt. With that said, my desire to build a relationship with the female partner, on any level, will quickly become non-existent which, as I mentioned to them last night, concerns me because I don't know how that will affect my male partner.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm all too familiar with life's circumstances so I'll definitely continue to move forward and attempt to find a happy medium in the meantime.
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