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I'm glad venting about this complicated situation gave you some clarity, GC. There's a lot going on here: heart condition, weight gain, OCD causing distaste for body fluids, polyamory, multiple partners who are both sexual and non-sexual...

BTW, have you been formally diagnosed with OCD, and are you receiving treatment?

But this:

Originally Posted by girlcaleb View Post

side note: he is more into kissing, giving and receiving oral sex, four play, romantic stuff.
I am more into D/s, spanking, being controlled. He does not like to do these things with me.

It sounds like you've found a kind of sexual play you like, that doesnt involve body fluids such as saliva (found in kissing), or semen (resulting from giving him oral). You like kink play that doesnt involve orgasm? How about trying kinky play parties which have a no fluids rule? Would your bf accompany you to one, just as an observer, if that activity was followed by him getting his rocks off when you get home? Can you do intercourse w a condom? Could you do mutual masturbation?
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