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So last night's party happened. Adored friend & I got there late, leaving Breathes & fwb there alone for two hours! They were going to wait to go in but I told Breathes to just go in & have fun, we'd get there when we got there. They went in & just sat there, in the corner, talking and looking at the shoes! I told them to go ahead so they could dance, or whatever so they wouldn't be bored & freezing while they waited. At least they weren't freezing? The dance floor WAS packed to over flowing but still.......

Frankly I was hoping friend would get here late enough that I would have already gone to bed.

I can not STAND fwb at all! He knows this. They have a lot of history so I'm reluctant to simply veto it. She just rubs me the wrong way. The walls she put up to prevent me from getting too close plus my brutal honesty simply put a stop to any relationship we might have had very early on. Now she's just being nice after years of being not nice &, at times, down right means. She tries to have a conversation, compliments me &, frankly, it's scaring me. I'm wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. What she's got planned in that devious brain of hers. It could simply be that she sees that I'm not going any where but I doubt it.

I must say I looked hawt last night! I was a black angel, friend was a white angel (she looked super hawt, lol) and he was a devil. I was all in black with a little bit of silver--super short skirt, black corsette type top, black fishnets, black sweater & black four inch maryjanes with black wings & halo! Got lots of looks, some compliments, saw the huge grinz on guys faces. This should have made me feel all confident & stuff & it did until I was in fwb's presence . She just saps it all from me. I'm an energy vampire so being in a room with so much positive energy I should have been flying high when we left. Not so, she's such a negative force in my life that it negates any positive effects I would normally receive .

I really need to work on not letting her affect me in such a way but I'm at a loss as to how to go about it. Hmmmm, sounds like a forum post in the making.....

Meh. I'll be OK. I'm already feeling better having typed this out.

We're going to lunch with a friend today then to see Rocky Horror in the movie theater tonight! I'm not so hot on the lunch as I can get fish & chips here in town but I AM excited about the movie! I've only ever seen it on TV so seeing it on the big screen really has me excited, lol.
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