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apparently it just gets better

last week I broke up with her because not 3 days after the fact and me having a crying bout in the morning, she asks me if she could go party w/ this kid and a few other people, and also sleep over his house.

to me that was a stupid, selfish and insensitive thing to ask me so soon........I also questioned why she would have a drive to do such a thing so soon.

NOW we are back together, but last night she bought some KY ( which she never bought for us) and finally admitted to me this morning that she had intentions of screwing this other guy. My reaction was a normal and hurt reaction to this connected to the logic " she's made me wait 3 years and yet she has more sexual drive and wants to screw this kid first?"

She explains it as part " I don't understand what's wrong with it" or " it's not like I....." or " because I don't want to be expected to give up my virginity to you" or " why are you seeing it like that?

any way you cut it, it's completely fcked up, selfish and cruel, yet she doesn't agree w/ me that any psychiatrist and many other people would agree. She also thinks being in an open relationship means something like this can slide and she can do whatever the hell she wants as long as she's honest.

She however hasn't been completely honest with me and danced around certain things. When I would bring these aspects up she says "well I thought it was pretty clear" or "implied"
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