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Hey all, Ive been hearing that people wanted my side to all this mess and to really have my input. Well as *Marius* has put it I can get really moody or angry super fast in any case. As it so happens *Redpepper* Pretty much summed up of why I act how I do for the most part. When I was younger my mom used to tell me to speak my mind, but when I tryed she just shut what I said down. It also didn't help that I had like a gazillion step dads. That aqll told me the same thing when I had some sort of issue, which was suck it up be a man...... and I guess thats what I kept somewhere in my head. So now that every time I have some sort of issue with someone or something I just go seclude myself until I get over it and move on. I guess I would call it as over the years Ive been trained in my head as to do that as a first reaction. With the recent problem I have learned that after I'm over the issue. people effected by it don't seem over it and it kind of confuses me why that is. Ive never really had that problem or herd of it before so it's like new to me I guess. I'm not sure what else people wanted to hear of my side of the issue so if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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