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Yeah, there's seven of us.

Marius (me) and Company are married. Vegeta and Ariel are married. Andulvar and Selene are married, too, but they're the ones who don't live with us. AND Thunder. So yeah, I suppose when you put it that way, that's quite a huge plate of relationships...

Thunder did get his own account so he could reply, but I think he forgot. >_> I'll poke him a bit until he remembers and hops on.

Thunder isn't really our only slight bump in the road, it's just the one that we'd like some outside advice for. I tried many different ways Other issues I think we've handled relatively well, and in my opinion, are purely from the adjustment period NeonKaos mentioned can happen.

So now that I've cornered Thunder on the couch, I'm going to see if maybe he'll post his view on things.
"Love as thou wilt."

Company is my husband. I'm dating Selene, Ariel, Vegeta, Thunder, and Andulvar.
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