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Originally Posted by livsen View Post
Thank you so much for the reply. I might be a retard, but what exactly is the difference between an "open relationship" and polyamory?
Are you retarded... in that, do you have a developmental disability? Do you live in Canada, because there are some resources out there for you. I work with people that have cognative/develpomental disabilities for a living and sexuality and relationships amongst that population is a great passion of mine. One that is so under examined and under ground. There is so much work to do! It's actually a new career path I have considered.

Everyone seems to of said it all so far, I agree that you seem to be seeking an open relationship, although I would warn you that emotions and depth develop for some people and it might be wise to check in with yourself and your boyfriend where you are at with that sort of thing. Some people can do sport sex and come away having felt like they went for a jog. Others feel like they reached the depths for someones soul and still others feel like they have been used because sex for them is about connecting very deeply. Check in with yourself and along with your opening up the idea of others, make sure that is a part of the conversation and plan what you will do if you find that you are falling in love.
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