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OK, so this morning's post got lost in the ether????? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I must not have finished it and closed out the window without realizing it .

Sunday night Breathes' *friend* (I don't know what to call her that isn't derogatory. I can't stand her.) was at the party as well. I was OK with that. I've come to terms with the fact that that won't be reserved just for us any more.

He told her about our going to a public Hallowe'en party tonight . I'm NOT happy about this. It was supposed to be just us and another friend whom I adore. She surprised him yesterday with a text saying that she was going tonight . I'll do my very best to be polite when I MUST speak to her & pretend she's not there the rest of the time. This won't be easy since she will stick to him like glue. Since we've spent hardly any time together the last little while, & this coming week isn't promising either, I was kind of looking forward to it.

They got together Thursday morning &, true to form, she wanted sex! He had warned me ahead of time that this would likely be the case. He also told me what he would say. He simply told her no. He was supposed to tell her the reason behind the rejection but, apparently, she was a cranky bitch & whining about it so he decided to wait until she's in a better mood to discuss the reasons behind his saying no.

The reason? He wants her to get her STD tests done. A very, VERY viable reason IMNSHO!!! Her safe sex practices aren't necessarily the greatest. She sleeps with every Tom, Dick & Henrietta available & I don't think she's very stringent about the condom rule. (her 6 month old son is testament to either no condom or a faulty condom). I sent him the link to the local Aids committee which does the tests for free (free here in Ontario any way) & you don't need a doctor's request form to get them so if she doesn't feel she can do this through her doctor they can still be done since they are done anonymously.

It's not just him I'm worried about. It's me, Possibility, Possibility's other partners, any partners any of us may have in the future & on down the line.

I was looking forward to tonight's party, not so much now. I'm hoping I can make an early exit, leaving them there & make my way home on the bus. Me, looking forward to going to a BAR, is really an accomplishment & now that's been tainted. I'm extremely sound sensitive so a noisy bar isn't the best place for me to be. Ear plugs are definitely in order for the night.

Oh yeah, I was hoping to talk to her tonight about Breathes' birthday party in two weeks so she could make babysitter arrangements. He just warned me that she can't keep her mouth shut so to give her one week or less notice so he won't get wind of it *sigh*. Bright side? With such short notice she might not be able to find a babysitter! Since one of the venues is 19+ she can NOT bring the kids with her! They don't listen, I don't like them & don't want them around! Generally I love kids but hers just rub me the wrong way. Maybe because nearly every time I see her they are there, not listening & doing pretty much what they want. Plus, any meets are at McYuck's play land which means I can't hear anything being said because of the noise level *sigh*

Things aren't so good at work right now . We're working four day weeks. Great you say? Who wouldn't want that? Someone who was hoping to use her remaining four days of unallocated vacation time to go on a short trip with Possibility in June, that's who! Those days are now used up with the Fridays off . Not to mention: not working those days means I'm not accumulating any vacation pay either so, come July when Vacation pay is paid out there won't be nearly as much there as there should be! If they could get the government to pay for that one day (Ontario Works) it would all be good but they haven't been able to get it .

Good side of things.

Possibility has his driver's test on Thursday! Hopefully he gets the next level so I won't have to be designated passenger any more. (We have graduated licensing here. Any questions I'll be happy to answer.)

We all had a blast last night for as long as I was at Possibility's place. My kids went to youth group, which is in their neighborhood, so instead of coming all the way home I go visit while they get started on their D&D game & I wait for one of the kids to call to let me know they're ready to leave. I surprised myself, actually. It seems I do pay attention when I don't think I am, lol. They had other friends there as well who were watching TV in the basement & couldn't figure out how to get the sound to work. Someone neglected to turn on the tuner, or whatever it is, so they would have sound. I turned it on when I went to get my coat & all was good.

Time to eat & start getting dressed for the party *sigh*. With the advent of fwb going I don't really want to go any more ;(.
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