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Having read most of the posts in this thread, I realise that I have not given an enormous amount of thought to my online name. I simply like it and feel an affinity for it.
In June/July of 2009 I was unemployed and frustrated. I spent a lot of time randomly surfing the internet, not looking for anything specific but simply following whims and clicking on whatever seemed more fascinating than the last. In this way I discovered Papua New Guinnea and one of its many official languages, Tok Pisin (Tok Pisin is Tok Pisin for 'Talk Pidgin'). Tok Pisin is essentially English saturated (and therefore changed) by a non-English culture. For a while I explored the language, for a variety of reasons and random purposes.
I cannot pin-point the exact reasons for my attraction to the word 'narapela'.
Essentially it means 'other' and, based on Tok Pisin phonetics and characteristics, the word is essentially derived from 'Another Fellow'.
While I have not completely analysed the possible reasons for being fascinated by the word, 'narapela', I have used it as a name in on- and off-line activities.
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