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I agree with everyone else. The most important thing is making your desires known from the beginning as to allow potential partners some insight into your goals and how they compare to their own. I have older children and do not plan on having anymore children of my own; however, I am open to being a surrogate for my female partner and a sister of mine if they prove unable to carry to term. My current partners, early on in the relationship, expressed their desire to have at least one child of their own (neither of them have any children) and wanted to know how I felt about that. I am all for accepting and embracing children of my mates and completely open to playing a role in their lives. My male partner asked me not too long ago what I would do if I ended up pregnant by him to which I responded...I would be pregnant. Of course, we knew this was hypothetical and just an opportunity to find out more about my character since I had a tubal after my last birth in 2000 but these things are important to know.

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