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Originally Posted by CaityandBen View Post
. . . we get too many swingers and masturbating men asking just to sleep with me!...or "swappers" and we have it posted on our profile that we're interested in a polyamorous lifestyle and it seems no one cares to read it. we have no x-rated images on there except myself in new bra and panties . . .
If you're getting undesirable responses, rework your ad to dial back whatever's attracting them. Suggestions to consider:
Don't count on anyone reading your profile.
Be upfront and specific in your ad about what you want (a girlfriend for a polyamorous triad)
and what you don't want (no swingers, swappers, or sweaty palm-ers).
Replace the lingerie photo with something fun but fully clothed.

Best of luck to y'all in your search for the ever-elusive unicorn. *brushing bangs down over forehead* Happy Hunting!
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